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Upper Intermediate level - A

Catégorie: July Session
This course is a self-study space where you can brush-up your English. The integration of the 4 skills and the 21 C skills is an important asset. It is task-based, learner-centered & objective-oriented. You are invited to benefit the multi-media tools and strategies in order to improve you comm…

Intermediate Level

Catégorie: July Session
This course will help you develop your linguistic  & communicative skills. This space will provide you with different types of interactive activities iin order to enhance your learning process. That is why this course is task-based and learner-centered. It is in line with what you learn us…
  • Enseignant: Chaima BELGAROUI
  • Enseignant: Abir HANNACHI
  • Enseignant: Amir KAMERGI

Elementary Level

Catégorie: July Session
This level is for pre-intermediate level students going through the intermediate level. It focuses on the 4 skills, voab, grammar & the enhancement of the 21 century skills. Interactive tasks and collaborative work are significant pillars for the success of the learning process. This cours…
  • Enseignant: Emna LADHAR