This course is a learner-centered & integrated-skills based course that will develop students'  four skills & life skills.  It is composed of three levels: level C, level B & level A. Level C is the most basic one. You need to take the NCC placement test provided by Elitech and according to your test result you are integrated in one of these levels. 

WHY do you need to take all these steps ?

If you are interested in L3 course and you have less than the required level in the NCC placement test, you need to follow the SKILLS BOOSTER course in order to improve your level and become eligible to L3 program. 

Tasks involving higher order thinking skills will require students not only to perform at knowledge and comprehension levels, but to synthesize and evaluate information, and ideas as well. The variety of materials and perspectives presented through themes in and outside the class will facilitate their critical thinking process and thus enable students to become active and autonomous learners.